Starting Fresh

Welcome to the SVP excursion into social media! We’re so glad you’re here to join us in this journey. We want to use these social platforms to simply stay up-to-date with our customers and friends. Don’t want to buy anything from us? That’s okay because we’re not here to sell. We love what we do and the industry we get to serve, so we are thrilled at any opportunity to chat with others in our industry!

We should probably introduce ourselves. You may know us as D-Co., as that was our name for 20 years, but we’ve recently changed that to Specialty Video Products (SVP) to better represent our products and services. D-Co was founded in 1993 by Michael Drzymkowski in his tiny two car garage and expanded within the year. The company gained popularity in the broadcast industry throughout the 90’s by offering turnkey software that would allow broadcaster to insert local advertising spots on national television stations. By 1999, our flagship product, ShowMaker software, was developed and released to customers. Today we offer three turnkey systems that are mastered to fit each station’s specific needs: Centaur for full power stations , Chimera for the middle ground, and Gryphon for those looking at quality on a smaller scale and budget.

We have served a large variety of customers with very different needs, from the nationwide Lowe’s training network to city hall meetings in the quaint Southern town of Fort Pierce, FL to a major direct-to-home system in Africa. We start every day with a renewed passion for the broadcasting industry and are constantly learning about the newest developments in tech.

Technology is our product, but our main focus remains on the relationships we build with our customers. We are here to connect with you!